All-butter Croissant with Za’atar Spice Mix: A deliciously buttery yeast risen dough with a flaky exterior and soft layered interior seasoned with thyme, sumac, sesame, and lemon zest. $3.50

Apple Fritter: A bite size apple cider flavoured donut filled with apple pieces and hand dipped in a brown sugar-apple cider glaze. $3.76

Chamomile Biscuit Roll: A delicate yeast risen tea biscuit dough brushed with a chamomile spread prior to being rolled; imparting to it a fruity flavour reminiscent of apples. $3.32

Cinnamon Biscuit Roll with Dulce de Leche Icing: A delicate yeast risen tea biscuit dough brushed with a zingy cinnamon spread prior to being rolled.  Once out of the oven, the roll is topped with a dulce de leche cream cheese icing. $3.32

Honey-Berry Scone: A delicate pastry containing local berries and sweetened only with honey. $3.32

Lemon-Lavender Scone: A delicate buttery biscuit flavoured with lavender, lemon zest and a touch of rosemary from our garden. $3.32

Local Fruit Filled Toaster Pie: A hand-held pie with a flaky all-butter crust, filled with seasonal local fruits and topped with a toaster-friendly meringue icing. $4.20

Local Fruit Galette: A free-form tart made with a flaky butter and lard pie crust is topped with a creamy sesame frangipane and seasonal fruits mixed with vanilla beans. $5.75

Orange-Berry Madeleine: A light sponge cake flavoured with orange zest, fresh local berries and honey, then brushed with an orange glaze once out of the oven. $2.21

Strawberry Biscuit Roll: A delicate yeast risen tea biscuit dough brushed, prior to being rolled, with a local strawberry spread containing a hint of lime zest. $3.32

Sweety Cake:  A croissant dough rolled out using sugar instead of flour to create a viennoiserie with a soft interior consisting of multiple layers of caramelized sugar. $3.54

Toasty-Cinnamon Butter Tart: A tartelette with a delicate lard-butter crust and a rich flavourful filling due to the use of a dark roux. $3.32

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