Cookies and Squares

Do you wish to gift your order? We will gladly package your treats in cellophane bags for an extra $0.50/bag.

Chewy Chocolatey Gingerbread: A soft gingerbread cookie loaded with pieces of chocolate. $1.10

Chocolate Chip and Dulce de Leche Cookie:  A creamy dulce de leche filling sandwiched between two delicious chocolate chunk cookies. $1.55

Chocolate Thumbprint: A rich chocolate cookie with a creamy velvety ganache centre. $1.20

Delicate Shortbread Cookie with Brown Butter Glaze: A melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookie hand-dipped in a glaze giving it a toasted-nutty sweetness. $1.20

Ganache Filled Sugar Cookie: A smooth, rich ganache sandwiched between two delicate and crispy cookies. $2

Jasmine Shortbread Cookie: An all-butter shortbread finished with delicate jasmine green tea. $1.10

Oat and Sage Shortbread Cookie: An all-butter shortbread with oats and a hint of fresh sage. $1.10

Pepita and Cranberry Square: A shortbread cookie bottom topped with a honeyed sugar pie filling loaded with pumpkin seeds and cranberries. $1.55

Molasses Shortbread Cookie: An all-butter shortbread with warm spices and molasses. $1.10

Spiced-Vanilla-Coco Cookie: A deep cocoa flavoured cookie with a little kick of spice and a lovely creamy vanilla filling. $1.30


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