Cakes and Loaves

Cakes and Loaves

Brioched Cake: This individual sized buttery cake is leavened with yeast and sprinkled with with brown sugar prior to being baked. Flavourful Ontario nectarines are added when in season. $2.74

Melt-in-your-Mouth Chocolate Cake: A very tender chocolate cake topped with our homemade dulce de leche sauce. Serves 8-10. $38

Pouding Chômeur à l’Érable: This vanilla cake is baked in a pool of delicious caramel-maple syrup sauce. For ease of transportation, it comes with the pan in which it was baked. Prior to serving, please reheat the pan in the oven.  Once it is warm, similarly as you would an upside-down cake, flip the pan over onto your serving platter to release the cake and scrap onto the cake any sauce left in the pan. Serves 2. $6.64

Pumpkin Loaf: Once out of the oven, this loaf is brushed with butter and rolled in cinnamon-sugar.  We use sour cream to create an extra-moist and tender treat. $3.54

Russian Napoleon Cake: This decadent cake has alternating layers of handmade, all-butter puff pastry and vanilla pastry cream.  It is finished with a vanilla ermine buttercream. Serves 12. $65

Zucchini Loaf: This light and airy individual sized loaf is flavoured with shredded coconut, lime zest, and Tequila, and is finished with a crunchy coconut crumble topping. $3.76

Build-Your-Own Cake or Cupcakes

Choose a base and a frosting. Contact us with your request and we will gladly provide you with a price quote.


Carrot Cake: This is a healthy, delicate, and delectable cake made with whole wheat flour and sweetened only with agave nectar.

Chocolate Butter Cake: This moist and fluffy chocolate cake is made with homemade crème fraîche.

Chocolate Pound Cake: A rich and tender chocolate cake. It is slightly denser than our Chocolate Butter Cake.

Honey Cake: A light and airy cake.  Honey ensures it is moist and flavourful. 

Sesame-Spice Cake: This delicate cake, made with whole wheat flour, brown butter, and sesame oil, has a lovely nutty taste.  It is spiced with cinnamon, all-spice, and fresh ginger.

Vanilla Chiffon Cake: A very light and dainty vanilla cake.

Vanilla Pound Cake: A rich vanilla cake that is slightly denser than our Vanilla Chiffon Cake. Sour cream makes it a nicely moist cake.


Our frostings use butter as shortening.

Vanilla Swiss Buttercream: A silky and light frosting flavoured with vanilla. Pairs well with all our cakes.

Vanilla Ermine Buttercream: A velvety and creamy frosting.  It is more stable in hot weather and less sweet than our swiss buttercream. Pairs well with all our cakes.

Whipped Chocolate Fudge: A rich, decadent and intensely chocolate flavoured frosting. Pairs well with our Vanilla Chiffon Cake, Chocolate Butter Cake, Vanilla Pound Cake, and Chocolate Pound Cake.

Italian Meringue:  This sweet frosting has a smooth marshmallow-like texture. Pairs well with all our cakes.

Demarara-Cream Cheese: A smooth tangy frosting with a caramel-like taste. Pairs well with all our cakes.

Honey-Orange Cream Cheese: A frosting sweetened with honey and orange juice only; it has a refreshing sweetness and a slight tang. Pairs well with our Vanilla Pound Cake, Carrot Cake, and Honey Cake.

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