Our Name’s Backstory

As Told by Corinne Babchishin, Owner

Since my motivation to start Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough rests in part in my youth, it seemed appropriate to let my childhood inspire its name. Many years ago, as I was moving out of my childhood home, my mother had insisted I unclutter their basement by removing all that belonged to me. She didn’t seem too concerned that I was moving into a much smaller apartment; everything had to go.

As I rummaged through the basement, I happened to come upon a worn cardboard box. The box contained numerous VHS cassettes. I had not lain eyes on these cassettes for almost ten years.

As a child, summer vacations seemed endless; for my parents, they probably seemed even longer. To give themselves some breathing space and keep us out of their hair, my father had taken upon himself to rent an oversized clunky video camera for myself, my brother and sisters. Something to keep us entertained. It certainly did the trick. We spent hours recording elaborate sketches or us goofing around.

As it was the early 2000s and we had long ago parted with our family VCR, it was necessary to convert my precious video cassettes into DVDs. I returned home and inserted the first DVD into the player. Immediately, I came face to face with my two younger sisters. Tangled wigs over their heads and draped in oversized dresses, my sisters, pretending to be two elderly ladies and referring to themselves as Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough, proceeded to teach their viewers how to bake chocolate chip cookies.

Ever since then, whenever I work in the kitchen, rolling dough or moulding chocolate, I can’t help but think of those two young girls, dressed in their silly costumes hosting their fantastic cooking show- Cooking with Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough. The tone of that sketch mirrors the character the bakery will carry once it adopts a storefront: a warm and inviting place which encourages community engagement and knowledge sharing in regards to food. For this reason, the bakery was given the name Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough.



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