Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough 
is closed for good starting
Monday November 9, 2020

Thank you for your warm and friendly support during Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough’s 2.5 years in operation. During this time, Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough has endeavoured to deliver handmade goods that recreate the warm feeling of eating a treat lovingly crafted by a cherished one.

Though not all dreams are meant to last forever, it doesn’t mean they weren’t worth being pursued.Through this experience, I’ve met many wonderful people; all of whom have had an impact on me. I thank you for the many positive memories I take from this experience!

I ask that you please continue to support small local food businesses.

I highly recommend the following local businesses…
If you are looking for:
A great artisan boutique for chocolates and pastries, please visit Cylie Artisan Chocolatier
An amazing shop for cakes and pies, please stop by Three Tarts Bakeshop
A superb establishment for savoury pastries and bread, please pop into The Balck Walnut Bakery

Please accept my sincere gratitude for supporting Sweetcheeks and Cookie-Dough,

Corinne Babchishin


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